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Continued Investment from MaS

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The Star SR-32JIII Type B is a highly advanced and versatile sliding head lathe that has gained a reputation amongst UK manufacturers for its accuracy, reliability and efficiency in the production of complex mill-turn components.

Continually investing in the latest machine tool technology, our latest machine allows us to further enhance our manufacturing capabilities and increase production capacity in response to customer demand.

The SR-32JIII Type B is a further upgrade to our existing SR-32J, offering a range of benefits including improved rigidity, enhanced swarf clearance, upgraded ergonomics, Step Cycle Pro chip-breaking technology and the inclusion of a sub-spindle flush pump as standard.

These upgrades, alongside increased spindle power for higher metal removal rates, enable the machine to consistently and accurately perform intricate operations within a single setup.

The Nakamura Tome WT150 II is a highly advanced and versatile machine that is designed to perform multiple operations in a single setup. With its dual-spindle, twin-turret configuration, the machine can perform both turning and milling operations simultaneously. This feature significantly reduces setup times and increases our production efficiency, allowing us to complete complex jobs faster and more accurately than ever before. Additionally, the machine’s high-speed spindle and tool changer enable us to achieve high-quality surface finishes and precise tolerances, ensuring the consistent quality of our products. Overall, the Nakamura Tome WT150 II has helped us to improve our production capabilities, reduce our costs, and enhance our competitiveness in the market.